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A glimpse into the ruins of Ratlantis.

Ratlantis is a dimension that can only be accessed through the creation of a Ratlantis Portal. It is a tropical world filled with an endless archipelago, dotted with ruins made of Marbled Cheese. It was home to an extinct civilization known as the Ratlanteans, but now is populated by monstrous remnants of its ancient denizens. Ratlantis, as a dimension, can be disabled in the config for Rats, and alternative methods to obtaining resources from this dimension, such as the Rat Upgrade: Archeologist will be provided. In 7.0.0 and beyond, Ratlantis requires the Ratlantis Addon.

Flying dutchrat

The Flying Dutchrat's Ship

Unique Mobs[]

Vanilla creatures, such as the parrot, will spawn in the Ratlantis dimension. Vanilla monsters also spawn, albeit at a lower rate than the overworld. Ratlantis is home to 10 unique mobs that do not spawn anywhere else:

Rat togas

Rats wearing togas.

Of these, the Ratlantean Automaton, Neo-Ratlantean, The Flying Dutchrat and The Rat Baron are boss mobs that must be spawned or created under special conditions. Rats spawn in the dimension at a higher rate than in the overworld, and are also clad in Rat Togas.

Rats In Togas will have some special drops if killed(Eg. Diamonds, Books).


The Landscape of Ratlantis is a endless tropical archipelago. Ruins of the Ratlanteans are found everywhere, from monuments to humble pillars(which are one of the most common structures). Dutcrat Ships will spawn in the air sometimes. Runways are a unique ruin and spawn more rarely, with Marbled Dirt inside. Runways are overgrown streets with an Air Raid Siren in them.


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Ratglove flowers.

Aside from the unique drops of mobs that live in this dimension, Ratglove Flowers spawn exclusively here. They can also be grown by bonemealing grass in Ratlantis.

The dimension is also a great place to mine for ores, as ore spawn in higher numbers than in the Overworld. Oratchalcum is a unique ore found in this dimension, along with common Cheese ores and Ratlantean Gem ores.


Lore says that Ratlantis was Millenia ago home to a civilization known as the Ratlanteans. The Ratlanteans were great builders, engineers and even wizards. It seems that they had a greek/roman lifestyle and probably worshiped the same gods that the romans/greeks did. However, due to their dark magic, marvelous tech and natural selection, their people turned into monsters and beasts, which marked the downfall of the Ratlantean society. One fact to note is that Ratlantean Officer hats create Rat & Sickle banners pattern, which are a clear spoof of the Hammer & Sickle communist symbol, this may suggest that they were communists probably, or at one point abandoned their greek/roman lifestyle to a more modern tech one.

Pirats and their Deceased Counterparts along with their Captain are probably indicating that once the downfall began, some smaller rats decided to sail the seas and abandon their crazed brothers, and since they have Ratlantean blood, the beasts of Ratlantis are friendly. However, since Dutchrat ships are way bigger than a average Pirat's one, it may suggest that the Dutchrat crew(s) had a different goal in mind, or they simply had larger boats at their disposal. While yes, The Flying Dutchrat is a clear reference to Spongebob, it can still be assumed that he was simply a dutch rat who sailed the seas, and died.

Runways are always generating with Air Raid Sirens, suggesting some kind of conflict was going on and the Ratlanteans used these incase any-rats come bombarding their lands.

Another interesting fact is that Marbled Cheese requires nether quartz, a material only obtainable in the nether, which isn't accessible in Ratlantis, suggesting some kind of other method to marble cheese.


  • The entire dimension is a obvious joke on Atlantis, with many names having a extra R to create Rat(Eg. Atlantean-> Ratlantean, ATLANTIS-> RATLANTIS)
  • It is implied that the Ratlanteans never visited the Oveworld, due to literally no trace of any of their signature symbols being in the Oveworld.
  • Plague Beasts and Plague Clouds may have been Ratlanteans, but have been corrupted by the Plague and taken over by The Black Death.